"1. Oh God damn it, I cried. My tears tasted like cheap vodka. They tasted so bitter, and even though they were tears, swallowing them felt like fire down my throat.
2. I swear I couldn’t look anybody in the eyes, so I began to wear sunglasses. Looking in other people eyes would hurt mine too much. I remember looking into yours, big and brown, full of vulnerability but not enough to tell me the truth.
3. I slept in my best friend’s sweater for some reason I felt safe in it. She gave it to me to cover my broken bones. I did not say thank you. I love her too much to say thank you.
4. And I slept for hours and hours until my mind was convinced that somehow my soul flied away but I could feel it coming back to me… It sneak out of me like a teenager in the middle of the night. I know who it was haunting.
5. My mother asked me if I am okay but I lied and kiss her on the forehead. I am not old enough to have heartbreaks over a boy. Sometimes I wish I could talk to her about it.
6. I kept writing words, sentences, metaphors, poetry in my little black book but they never came I out the way I wanted to. I guess when you have a bad taste in your mouth the words are drunk.
7. I tried to be angry about this like my friends, but I guess I haven’t been such a good friend to myself lately. The bad thoughts are coming back. I’ve actually missed them but they more badly than ever.
8. It was a time where I wanted to be soft. But I was never born with angel wings and heaven dust in my eyes. But I am too rough and you get bruised easily.
9. I’ve tried to unwrap the knot I feel in my stomach only to find the dead butterflies waiting for me to pick them up and bury them. You are not invited to the funeral.
10. I took some pills so I could stop my brain from cursing you. But it began to curse me."

10 Things I Did When I Found Out You Did Not Love Me by Royla Asghar (via poems-of-madness)


I know you hate when they use cliches to fix you.
When they say just move on when the bad boy who you thought will love you, broke your heart.
When they tell you calm down when you are angry and bitter towards the world that you could create an earthquake.
When tell you you’re beautiful but that boy you fancied just left you for another prettier girl.
When they say it gets better and you are ready to destroy yourself cause nothing numbs your pain; no cigarette, no cup of coffee.
When they tell you stay strong but you feel so damn weak because you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.

But sometimes all you need is a cliche:

Move on when the jerk broke your heart, out there is a boy dying to have you.
Scream, shout and destroy everything around you but calm yourself down and forgive the world one more time.
Yes, she might prettier, but does she have an universe inside of her like you have? Will she write him a poem like your? No.
It gets better, no matter how crushed you are. The sun. the moon and the stars shine only for you. Don’t give up, tomorrow you will smile.
You have the right to fall but get up and lift the world with you. And they will bow for you.


I Believe In Cliches by Royla Asghar (via poems-of-madness)


1. Don’t fall in love, we are sixteen and greedy. We love others because we can’t love ourselves. That’s desperation.

2. You are beautiful but I don’t believe in all the make-up you are wearing. And the gold you are covering yourself into.

3. Your poems don’t seem as extravagant as you are. But I believe you have talent, but you should not write so many poems, it will not make you famous.

4. Someday a boy will love you, but you will have to change.

5. You are a dangerous girl but all you need is a good man that knows how to tame bad girls.

6. I don’t understand your sadness. It makes you so desperate for me and I don’t breathe well with stones on my heart.

7. You are so strong and I don’t believe that you can ever be weak.

8. I guess I will never admit it to you again but it is intimidating that you are so unapologetically yourself. My gut tells me you will be lonely.

9. I can’t love you but please don’t stop loving me, I need it for me ego. I am a bit insecure and your love is my source of confidence.

10. I will always compare you to her. I will always choose her. She is like the lovely breeze in May and you are a hurricane in November.


10 Things He Said To Me And I Hate Him For Them by Royla Asghar (via poems-of-madness)

"He looked into
my eyes and said:
I don’t want to fall in love
with you.
I don’t want to love you.
And I smiled."

He Was Lying by Royla Asghar (via poems-of-madness)